**Inspired by my time in Brasil**


I long to see you again.

The days we spent together,

Cycle through my mind like a film reel.


I remember walking through the crowded streets,

Our shoes worn from the dusty ground,

Our shirts damp from the hot sun.


We rode together and laughed,

Our laughter rising above the fireworks,

Above the cries throughout the city.


I held you tight and didn’t want to let go,

Your stories ringing in my ears,

My tears falling on your shoulder.


You shouted at me in despair,

Your words misguiding you to false conclusions,

Searching for that which you deny.


My soul longs for you, the Lord knows,

How I stay up and pray for you,

My words accompanied by tears of joy.


Because I know of your transformation,

The peace and love that reign in your heart,

How you share in my deepest longings.


Yet I will trust in something greater,

That we will see each other again in Paradise,

When we are with You, My Hope and Joy.


Yes, my longing for this day exceeds the others,

When death passes away and truth prevails,

When families and friends are reunited.


My soul thirsts for You,

My flesh faints for You,

Walking through this desert land, this dark world.


I have looked upon You and seen Your unmatched beauty,

Because Your love for us is never failing,

And Your peace reigns in our hearts.



Mountains stretch from east to west,
Trees scrape the horizon,
Waves crash on sandy shores,
And winds guide their paths.

Dolphins emerge out of the depths,
Critters peering from below the surface.
Turtles make homes on dry land,
And seagulls swerve back and forth in flight.

Who controls the patterns of the waves,
Or tells the sun when to rise?
Who alone can number the stars,
Or hold the galaxies in His hands?

You sit in the heavens and do as you please,
Painting the glorious picture before us.
Your swift strokes create the landscape,
Your sketch brings life to the creatures.

You mold us together like clay,
Hold us over the fire and form us.
Before we were formed,
You knew us entirely.

Who else is like you, O God,
Your praise you give to no other.
Let us bring glory to your name,
Lest the very rocks cry out!






Dwelling Place

Dwelling Place

Grand buildings, beautiful temples,
We’ve built them all for you to dwell in,
So where have you gone, O Father?

We long to see you be with us again,
Stand by us and walk beside us,
Touching our cheeks with the tip of your finger.

Why haven’t you returned for your children?
Is our praise not what you wanted?
Are our sacrifices not pleasing to your sight?

We scramble separately in disarray,
Hoping to conjure up something worthy of your presence,
Perhaps a tower to reach the sky or a stained-glass palace.

If only we could hear your soft voice calling in the night,
“I do not live in temples built by man,
nor am I served by human hands”

What then can we do, O God?
Is there anything that can satisfy your justice,
And fan the fire of your mercy?

Perhaps you desire a different dwelling place,
One that cannot be seen by the human eye,
And dwells within our very hearts.


With great delight you fix your gaze upon me,

But in my selfishness I turn the other cheek.

With patience you listen to my cries,

But in my ignorance I drown out your voice.


I resist your love with all my might;

In my ignorance I deny your grace.

As a child I boast in my rebellion,

But you are faithful to discipline me;

Your patience illustrates your character.


You redirect my eyes when I am lost;

You incline my ears to hear your voice;

You chase after me as I run away;

You will never let me out of your hands.


Though I deserve isolation for my disobedience,

You bestow me with faithfulness.

Amid my filthy infidelity,

You are perfected;

You are my righteousness.


“I have been crucified with Christ;

It is no longer I who live,

But Christ who lives in me.”


Growing up I was just trying to enjoy,

So I played soccer since I was a boy,

But little did I know that this was just a ploy,

To keep me from finding the one, true Joy.


Searching the depths for my identity,

I always ignored my Father’s loving plea.

Whether it was school, sports or family,

I was self-centered; it was all about me.


I thought I had my life all together,

Playing outside and soaking up the weather,

But now that I see, all I can remember,

Is being tossed in the wind like a feather.


My adolescent years brought trials and pain,

Like the icy sting of freezing rain.

The Lord led me along the rough terrain,

Showing me I didn’t have to be plain.


“This life I now live in the flesh,

I live by faith in the Son of God,

Who loved me and gave himself for me.”


When I finally came to know my Father,

I knew that there was none like him, no other;

Like a bird in the wild I was set free,

Realizing my life was not about me.


No longer will I wander in confusion,

A sinful man with a prideful delusion,

But I will worship the Lord with all my heart,

Dwelling among his creation, his art.


He is faithful even when I am not,

I have confidence, since he already fought,

He came down to earth, died and rose from the grave,

Because of his love, he is mighty to save.


I once was asleep, but now I have awoken.

I have been renewed; I am no longer broken.

Putting an end to the enmity and strife,

I have been given a gift: eternal life.

The Salt of the Earth

Truth is a salty wonder.

It reveals the depths within me,

Yet it penetrates my soul with ecstasy;

It leaves me searching for more.


Does ignorance not provide splendor and bliss?

And does naivety not sustain my joy?

Perhaps for vain, fruitless pleasures,

But when we fade away, truth will bring us life.


I walk amid the desert, searching;

The salt dries my tongue; I pant in weakness.

I scan the horizon and emptiness devours my sight.

How will I become satisfied?


In my weakness and my struggles,

In whom shall I trust?

I shall find rest in the living water that sustains me,

Which has been revealed to me by my Father.

Poetry: Living Water

I paced through the valley

Searching for something to satisfy,

I told myself I had to rally,

Otherwise, who would be there to testify?


Day and night I longed to quench my thirst,

I had yet to experience the everlasting springs,

I wanted to provide, but I am not the creator: the first.

I am not the beholder, the King of kings.


I wish to be planted next to flowing streams,

So I no longer have to wait patiently.

Perhaps that is just a fantasy of dreams,

Nonetheless, I will chase after it intently.


At last I seek the source from afar.

My eyes shine in anticipation,

Glorifying the image in its reflection,

Realizing I am almost there – I am not too far.