The Worth of Christ

This semester in Campus Outreach at Virginia Tech, we’ve been going through a series called “One Movement”. Essentially, we’ve looked at the Bible as one story of God’s redemption for his people throughout history.

The video below is my message concluding the “Tipping Point,” where Christ made the message of salvation known and the apostles began to spread it. While the church grew exponentially, they were met with opposition.

How they responded showed the worth of the message, and the worth of Christ himself!


The Impact of Worship


At Campus Outreach at Virginia Tech, we went through a series called “One Movement”, where we studied the entire Bible as God’s redemptive history for those who trust in Him.

I got the pleasure of sharing the story of Daniel as he was taken from his native land and forced to serve the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. However, Daniel defied the odds by remaining true not just to his heritage, but to his God.

The Beautiful Horizon


Belo Horizonte, or “beautiful horizon” in Portuguese, is a city of some 3 million Brasilians. It’s the fourth largest Brasilian city overall located in the second largest state, Minas Gerais.

This city is full of culture — from food, to local lingo, to natural wonders, to futbol fans. Mirante, one of the city’s highest points, overlooks the entire city — it’s truly a beautiful horizon.

This was a time lapse taken at sunset from Mirante overlooking the city.

Boldness in Christ Alone

Alison Myers has never been a shy girl. But when it comes to sharing deep things about her life, she freezes. Yet it’s these moments that God uses mightily to teach others about himself.

So she’s fighting her fears of sharing and stepping out in boldness in Rio de Janeiro to share with more people about how God has shown her radical love throughout her life. This video is courtesy of IMB’s Commission Stories.

Seeing Miracles in Spain

God is a God of miracles. That seemed like such an empty phrase before my recent trip to Spain. Sure, God used to do miracles in biblical times, but does he still?

He provided for us financially. He blessed our friendships and allowed us to bridge the language barrier. Children saw the love of God and people who typically never speak about spiritual things began having full-on conversations about faith.

God proved through the beauty of the city, the grandeur of the ancient buildings and the curiosity of the people that He is a God of Nations — and He’s working in San Sebastian just like He’s working in Blacksburg.

Hear from our team and see what we did during our trip that left us coming back with a brand new outlook.

Connecting Cross-Culturally: San Sebastian from Nick Smirniotopoulos on Vimeo.