I hail from Falls Church, Va., the “Little City” amidst the bustling Washington D.C. metropolis. My childhood dream of playing D-1 soccer was realized when I was recruited to play for Virginia Tech.

Such is life, my college experience was radically different than I anticipated. My academic calling led me to communication and psychology, the cross-roads of good storytelling and building relationships. I’m passionate about sharing the human element, the good stories that do more than just touch you, but make you think differently about life and the way that you’re living it. [To view my stories for the Collegiate Times, click here]. 

I hope to use that passion that God has given me for soccer and for storytelling to connect with people cross-culturally [To view my online portfolio, click here]. Yes, I secretly love to travel and hope I’m called to another country — or several other countries. But I know that places are so much less important than the people that encompass them, so I’m content with wherever and whatever, so long as the whoever is meaningful. 

I’m currently serving as the Campus Director for Campus Outreach at Virginia Tech [To see my profile, click here]! Some say I just couldn’t leave Blacksburg, but clearly they don’t know my fear of living in the south. While the community is incredible and my best friends live here, I know that I’m here for a greater purpose. Until I’m called elsewhere…


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