One Movement

This semester for Campus Outreach at Virginia Tech, we’re doing a series called “One Movement”.

Too many people look at the Bible as this big, archaic collection of documents with no relevancy to today’s world. In reality, it’s one flowing story of God’s redemption through his people, for his people. It’s a movement throughout human history for salvation, redemption and restoration.


There’s a prominent theory in storytelling that as humans the stories we write all follow the same story arc. That, in reality, there may be different characters and different plot lines, but there is actually only ONE story behind all of these stories that we create. While we have creative capacities which God endowed to us, we cannot create outside the confines of what’s already been created. In essence, our clever creations only mimics God’s perfect creation.

One Story

I believe this traces the larger story of our history with God as depicted in the Bible. It’s a story of creation, separation, redemption and restoration. This major story arc impacts not only the stories we tell, but our very lives.

Stay tuned for more postings about the theme “One Movement”.


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