The Worth of Christ

This semester in Campus Outreach at Virginia Tech, we’ve been going through a series called “One Movement”. Essentially, we’ve looked at the Bible as one story of God’s redemption for his people throughout history. The video below is my message concluding the “Tipping Point,” where Christ made the message of salvation known and the apostles began … More The Worth of Christ

One Movement

This semester for Campus Outreach at Virginia Tech, we’re doing a series called “One Movement”. Too many people look at the Bible as this big, archaic collection of documents with no relevancy to today’s world. In reality, it’s one flowing story of God’s redemption through his people, for his people. It’s a movement throughout human … More One Movement

Lost in London

I wasn’t about to be that classic tourist, camera around the neck, map hovering in front of his face, asking everyone and their mother where Buckingham Palace was. Nope! Yet, I was lost. And the next day. And the day after that. Luckily, London has these handy stands with a map of where you are with … More Lost in London