Seeing Miracles in Spain

God is a God of miracles. That seemed like such an empty phrase before my recent trip to Spain. Sure, God used to do miracles in biblical times, but does he still? He provided for us financially. He blessed our friendships and allowed us to bridge the language barrier. Children saw the love of God and people who typically never speak … Continue reading

Building her Body

Virginia Tech has developed a sub-culture of intense health-nuts and athletes. It was rated the healthiest campus in the country, with healthy, gourmet meals and state-of-the-art exercise facilities. A few Hokies, like Kat Cody, started a bodybuilding club to unify the small, but tight-nit community of amateur bodybuilders. Cody eats 6 meals a day and wakes … Continue reading

Reflecting on Time with Refugees

My time spent with the Refugee community in Charlotte was incredible. But it wasn’t just me. It impacted so many people in different ways! It impacted the members of Campus Outreach who went, the team in Project 658 who works with them daily, and the Refugee families we encountered, befriended and enjoyed! Check out our … Continue reading

Not Downtown. UpTown.

Contrary to most cities, Charlotte’s central city district is called “Uptown”, not “Downtown”. And I guess it earns the distinction as the downtown is pretty different from most. It’s got a pretty unique culture and it’s very diverse. There are some aspects that remind me of Washington, D.C., with big bank skyscrapers intermittent with some … Continue reading

Night Photography: Charlotte

I love shooting night photography with a slow shutter because there is a beauty to the light in the darkness. It’s vivid. It’s high contrast. It’s everything I love about photography. Here are some examples of night photography in the famous Uptown district of Charlotte, North Carolina.