**Inspired by my time in Brasil**   I long to see you again. The days we spent together, Cycle through my mind like a film reel.   I remember walking through the crowded streets, Our shoes worn from the dusty ground, Our shirts damp from the hot sun.   We rode together and laughed, Our … Continue reading

The Beautiful Horizon

Belo Horizonte, or “beautiful horizon” in Portuguese, is a city of some 3 million Brasilians. It’s the fourth largest Brasilian city overall located in the second largest state, Minas Gerais. This city is full of culture — from food, to local lingo, to natural wonders, to futbol fans. Mirante, one of the city’s highest points, overlooks … Continue reading

Culture Shock: Lifestyle (Part One)

(This is Part One of a two-part series of the impact of culture on everyday life. Click here to read Part Two). It impacts language. It impacts how you do business. It changes the way you play “the beautiful game,” or if it’s beautiful at all. It changes everything. Being in Brasil for almost a … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at the #WorldCup

It’s arguably the biggest sporting event in the world. This year’s event has drawn a lot of attention with tight games, big upsets and good, quality play across the board. WatchESPN has recorded 1.7 billion viewers. Yet there’s so much that’s going on behind the scenes in Rio de Janeiro, among many other cities. As fans … Continue reading

Tchau for now, but never forever

The church hall was filled with people, anxiously awaiting the inevitable goodbyes to come. We all knew it was coming. We just didn’t know how hard it would be. Yeah, people say that all the time. But I’m typically not the type of person that gets sappy with goodbyes. I mean, I know it’s coming. It’s … Continue reading